How Is The iGaming World Using Fonts To Build Their Audience?

the right kind of fonts on their websites to reinforce their message.

When used correctly, fonts can have a number of benefits for operators and even have the power to increase conversions to generate more revenue.

Let’s dive straight in to discover how the iGaming industry uses fonts on websites to build their audiences.

How important are fonts in the iGaming industry?

Fonts are more powerful than some people might think and have the power to affect the audience in several ways. Some of the most essential aspects fonts can affect are the following:

  • Give the website/operator a personality/identity
  • Help with brand recognition
  • Create a fun and relaxed feeling for anyone who visits the website while, at the same time, projecting objectivity
  • Fonts can help foster a sense of trust
  • They can affect the senses in a number of ways

An example of how fonts can be used in the correct way can be seen in the official 32Red news section. Some of their top stories feature images of the latest games, and there are many different fonts used in these images.

For example, the third-party iGaming software providers that make games and then supply them to online casinos use many different fonts in their games. They are designed to appeal to a wide audience and entice them to play their games.

The font/text/logo and colours can often determine whether a player wants to learn more about that game or not. As the saying goes, ‘a picture tells a thousand words.’ Some might argue that the correct saying is ‘a picture says a thousand words,’ or a picture is worth a thousand words.’

Examples of how fonts are used to entice players

On the homepage of the 32Red news section, you can find stories relating to boxing, casino, racing, and football. When scrolling down the page, you will see that the most exciting images that catch your attention are the stories about the latest games.

If you look today, for example, some of the stories that really stand out from the regular sports news stories are for the hottest new slots, such as Piggy Bankers, Rocket Blast Megaways, Pub Kings, Cat Purry, Strike It Lucky: Gold Blitz, and Rich Little Piggies.

Other stories that readers are more likely to click or tap on because of their bright, fun colours are for several other new releases, such as Kraken’s Sky Bounty, Asgardian Fire, Vending Machine, Reel’ Em In: Tournament Fishing, Atlantis Power Combo, vegas Mega Spin, and Action Boost: Gladiator, to name just a few.

What are some of the most common fonts used on websites today?

There are several different font categories used today, including the following:

  • Sans Serif Fonts
  • Serif Fonts
  • Modern Fonts
  • Number Fonts
  • Vintage Fonts
  • Cursive Fonts
  • Outline Fonts

It may surprise some of you that fonts on websites account for around 90% of the total design, which is why they are extremely important. Choosing the right kind of font to represent your brand and mission is vital.

If you get it wrong, it can have a huge impact on your business, but if you get it right, it can make your business more successful than your competitors. Each font has its own unique personality, and it’s the website designer’s task to try and pick the perfect font.

The golden rules to remember when choosing which fonts might work best for your business are comfort and familiarity, readability, and legibility. However, there are now well over 40,000 fonts out there, so choosing the correct fonts to best represent your business may not be as easy as it first sounds. 

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